A new rule that went into effect this past Wednesday, elevated the penalties for Talking on a cell phone while driving VTL 1225 c(2). The new law raises the maximum fine to $150 but also imposes 2 points on a motorist’s driving record. The points can result in higher insurance premiums, financial penalties from the Department of Motor Vehicles or suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. New York traffic ticket attorneys are prepared to fight these new tickets.

New York’s ban on talking on mobile phones while driving prohibits talking on phones without an attached hands free device. New York was the first state to impose such a ban which has been controversial since studies have shown that these laws fail to reduce accidents. The law as initially enacted carried a maximum $100 fine and no points.

This new law will encourage motorists to fight New York cell phone tickets since traffic court attorneys are often able to get 2 point violations reduced to no points or get them dismissed altogether. Under the old law, it rarely paid to fight a cell phone ticket.

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