New York Criminal Defense law firm, Tilem & Associates has seen an increase in the number of Reckless Driving tickets and other related moving violations, which is consistent with recent media reports that a crackdown on hazardous driving is underway by the NYPD. According to the media a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week crackdown will target drivers who speed, run red lights and use cell phones or other portable electronic devices. These violations which are among the most common also carry the most points and can have the greatest impact on a driver’s license and a driver’s insurance rates. A reckless driving ticket carries 5 points and is a criminal offense under New York Law, a cell phone ticket, which up until several years ago was a no-point violation now also carries 5 points. Speeding tickets can carry anywhere from between 3 and 11 points and Red light tickets carry 3 points. A motorist generally loses their license at 11 points.

The latest NYPD reckless driving crackdown is consistent with Mayor de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” plan which has the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and comes after a serious accident left a pedestrian serious injured after crossing Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn earlier this week.

“The good news for motorists is that an experienced traffic lawyer can generally get substantial reductions in the points associated with tickets and very often eliminate the points altogether,” according to traffic lawyer Jasmine Hernandez. “An experienced traffic lawyer can especially have the greatest impact on reckless driving tickets which are among the most serious,” according to Ms. Hernandez.

Reckless driving while an extremely serious charge can also be very difficult to prove, giving experienced lawyers the ammunition to obtain favorable dispositions for their clients which can often include pleas to no-point parking violations or other minor infractions. Courts have held in the past that mere evidence of a collision is insufficient to establish reckless driving. Similarly, the Courts have found that mere evidence of speeding is insufficient. Rather, Courts generally require evidence of multiple infractions at the same time to sustain a conviction for reckless driving. Since the stakes are so high in reckless driving cases (the potential for 5 points and the potential to have a permanent criminal record among other consequences), any motorist charged with reckless driving would be well advised to seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney.

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