Westchester, New York law firm Tilem & Campbell won another DWI trial last week for a man accused of drunk driving back in January 2007. The not guilty verdict came following a two day trial in which police testified that the driver was found asleep in his vehicle, with the engine running while intoxicated. Tilem & Campbell managing partner Peter Tilem tried the case and focused the defense on the failure to prove operation of the vehicle which is a requirement of any conviction for DWI under VTL 1192 (2) or 1192 (3).

The victory marks Mr. Campbell’s seventh not-guilty verdict in a DWI case against just one loss in the last eighteen months. Mr. Campbell has trained extensively in field sobriety testing and DUI detection and has used his training and experience to win DWI cases.

The trial was conducted in the Justice Court of Greenburgh in Greenburgh, New York. The defendant in the case had been facing serious consequences if convicted including revocation of his driving privileges, up to a year in jail, surcharges, fines and insurance consequences, as well as the expensive, New York Driver Responsibility Assessment.

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