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Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano who was arrested in August for DWI apparently had two prior driving incidents, one of them involving DWI according to an article published in the Daily News this week. The first incident in 2005 led to the suspension of NYPD Detective Jose Arroyo who was allegedly asleep in the passenger seat when Troiano was involved in some kind of accident and left a bumper and license plate at the scene. In 2009, Troiano was allegedly arrested for DWI but the arrested was voided because she was a prosecutor according to the Daily News Article.

Jose Arroyo was later convicted of Rape and is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence according to the Daily News Article.

The arrest of Troiano and the uncovering of the voided arrest from 2009 has uncovered a large ticket fixing scandal involving Bronx Police Officers. More than 40 police officers are expected to be indicted by a Bronx County Grand Jury according to the Daily News. This could affect hundreds of cases in which indicted police officers made arrests.

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