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New York criminal defense firm Tilem & Campbell scored another major victory in a DWI case today when Supreme Court Justice William Wetzel found the defendant not guilty of felony DWI after trial. The defendant was found not guilty of the felony but was found guilty of unlawful possession of marihuana, a non-criminal offense that carries a maximum penalty of a $100 fine. The defendant was facing up to four years in prison on the felony charge.

The charge arose based upon a one car accident in Yonkers. The defendant refused to take a chemical test but his driving privileges were quickly restored after Tilem & Campbell, partner Peter Tilem won at the DMV refusal hearing.

The defendant had been charged with one count of Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs or Alcohol and Drugs under Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1192 (4-a), a relatively new section of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Managing Partner Peter Tilem conducted the trial. Mr. Campbell focused the defense on the failure of the police to properly administer the field sobriety tests as well as the lack of evidence of the defendant’s operation of the vehicle.

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