The City Court of White Plains is a busy Court located in the heart of downtown White Plains. The White Plains Court handles Landlord – Tenant cases, speeding tickets and traffic violations, small claims cases, Civil Suits with a monetary claim up to $15,000, criminal cases including both misdemeanor cases and felony cases before they are indicted by a grand jury.

As a White Plains criminal defense lawyer with a busy criminal and traffic practice, I routinely appear in the White Plains Court on a wide variety of criminal and other cases. My office is just a short walk from the White Plains City Court which is located near the White Plains Federal Court and the Westchester County Court.

The City of White Plains is the County Seat of Westchester County and is located just 25 miles from Manhattan. White Plains has a residential community of about 56,000 people with a population that increases to about 250,000 on any given business day as shoppers, workers and visitors arrive by rail, car, and bus. The City is one of Westchester County’s top business markets and is home to a large amount of retail activity concentrated into this small city. With three large shopping malls and a newly renovated downtown featuring “top notch” restaurants, shopping and nightlife, it is no wonder that the City Court of White Plains is an exceptionally busy Court.

The City Court of White Plains is located at 77 Lexington South Lexington Avenue and can be reached by telephone at (914) 824-5675.

If you or any one you know is ever in need of legal representation in the White Plains City Court, Westchester County Court, White Plains Federal Court or any other New York Court, contact one of the experience lawyers at Tilem & Campbell and speak to them about a free consultation.

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