New Tork Traffic Ticket Lawyers Tilem & Campbell Announce New Web Page

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, Tilem & Campbell are please to announce the posting of their newest web paging entitled “New York City Traffic Tickets“. The page is designed to be a primer of the practices of the New York Traffic Violation Bureau Courts (TVB) that operate in New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and parts of Suffolk County. If you receive a traffic summons in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Staten Island in New York City it will be returnable to the Department of Motor Vehicles and be adjudicated in a TVB. The New York City Traffic Ticket page will educate you about the practices and procedures of these administrative courts.

The page is broken up by heading with topics such as “The Hearing”, “Entering Your Plea” and “The Rules of Evidence at the Hearing” and more and therefore should be a simple reference for any questions realting to New York City Traffic Tickets.

If you receive a traffic summons in the City of New York or any other area that is covered by the TVB please refer to the “New York City Traffic Tickets” page or contact us at 877-DR SUMMONS. Keep in mind that the TVB only handles traffic infractions and not traffic misdemeanors or other types of violations.

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