New York Criminal Defense Team on the Pulse 87.7 FM

New York Criminal Defense Lawyers Peter Tilem and Peter Tilem appeared on the Star and Buc Wild Morning Show yesterday morning and sat in on the show from 8 am until 10 am. The Star and Buc Wild Show, which is featured on the Pulse 87.7 FM, has hosted the pair in the past and had them back yesterday to talk about criminal law and particularly drug crimes, gun crimes, traffic violations, traffic misdemeanors, and DWIs.

Many callers called in to ask their legal questions and many more who could not get through on the radio station phones called Tilem & Campbell at 888-ANY-CRIME to speak to the lawyers. “We even got a call from an NYPD Narcotics Detective who called in to talk about cooperating with the police,” according to Peter Tilem.

Although the Star and Buc Wild Show is no longer on the Pulse, Peter Tilem and Peter Tilem have been asked back to appear on the Pulse in the near future.

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