As outlined in our May 24, 2009 blog New York City bans certain items that are legal other places in New York State and most other places in our Country. New York City Auxiliary Police Officer Alexander Gonzalez found that out the hard way when he was arrested, while on duty, in Manhattan for possession of mace. Mace is one of those items which is illegal in New York City but was made legal in New York State in 1996.

New York City Auxiliary Police Officers are neither police officers or peace officers under New York Law and therefore are not entitled to possess any weapons that civilians are not also entitled to possess. Senior partner, Peter H. Tilem was interviewed for an article written about the case today.

Tilem & Campbell handles a large number of gun and weapons charges in New York and has seen an increase in overly aggressive enforcement of minor weapons violations in New York City for items such as Mace and knives.



  1. cop12334 says:

    this is really bad you should let them carry mace it is better then carring a night stick

  2. JOHN E. HUNTEMANN says:

    Where & how does a person go about getting the NYC $10 “self defense spray” permit?

  3. Peter Tilem says:

    I agree this is ridiculous. Mace seems very much preferable to a night stick. Also, if a night stick is illegal under New York State Penal Law section 265.01 what prevents a police officer from arresting an auxiliary police officer for Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Fourth Degree.

  4. Peter Tilem says:

    I have no idea where to get the permit for Mace. I have gotten a number of calls and E-Mails about this over the last week. If anyone figures it out please contact me or post the information. No one at the NYPD seems to no anything about the license under the New York City Administrative code.

  5. Ray Rubio says:

    NYC that I really hate why I’m a Aux to and they make us have nothing between our belt like other state and we do things that other people won’t do is to work free and be the eyes and ears for this run down city and we should all get togther and say enoght is a enoght we should end this progrem at once and say to the City the mayor and the police comm too goto hell when two Aux die city don’t care about us there are waiting for another Aux to get kill in a line of duty so what the city are waiting for.I’m so a shame to saee this Aux cop get arrest for what mace that so stupid if that was me I will sue the city for this and leave the city of NY never come back here to work but anyway that I have to say for now we need to chage or leave this progrem at onece

  6. nycworker says:

    I’m surprised at this. Thanks for posting the info. I was just researching the best way to get some Mace/pepper spray to protect myself on the subway and I had no idea that this spray was illegal to posses in NYC. I’ll keep checking this site to see if you post information on how to obtain a permit. Thanks!

  7. NY Defense says:

    It is unfortunate that when someone put’s their life out there to aid in protecting others they become a victim of the system.

  8. Anonymous says:

    people dont join axillary to really make the city safer or to get paid….people join for the power over a normal citizen and a easy way out of a ticket….some people also join to put this on their Resume to get hired in security or use as a stepping stone to becoming a Full time peace officer…advantage is you get everything before people on the streets even hear about open civil service jobs/test/training….the city of NY alwayz takes care of their own (insiders), including auxiliary officers

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is NO “power over other citizens”. There is NO “getting out of a ticket, unless we get one while parked near the precinct on a night when we are working a shift.With a Capt’s letter we can go to the judge and MAYBE we get th “break”. Most of us just want to make our little areas a better place to live/work in. Is that so threatening to you? Then BECOME ONE OF US! You Can DO IT! WEETH THOT STEENKING BAJJJJ!

  10. Eddie says:

    Most of us do want to make a deffernt in the CITY we live in. there r times that we want to do more. then someone comes a long and F#$&’s up evrything for those who want to help.I know that most of us wanted to b come police officer but never did. I feel that the city shuold give those how want to do more a changse to make a deffrent. the city should give us a test like the way they give the real cops.give us the oppotunity. they r most of us that would give there LIFE to save someone they dont know.WE DO THIS BECOUSE WE DO LOVE IT…

  11. Eddie says:

    I feel that aux police should be use in many other ways. most of us would like to help in so many ways. we feel that we could help out the city and the NYPD. The NYPD and CITY should give the aux an opportunity only to the one that is most qualify to do the job right. we feel that we could help by doing accident report or by give out no moving violention ticket. it would help out the city and take some of the stressed off the NYPD.we really feel that we could help out in many ways only if the thay would give a chance. we know that there are bad A/PO just the same way thay are bad P.O. we just want to help….

  12. B says:

    Does anyone know where the heck can I acquire this stupid permit to carry OC in NYC? I tried my local precinct and they don’t even know about the rule. I’m starting to hate this city day by day. The only people that protect themselves are the criminals and those that have political connections or $$$. But if you get caught defending yourself “illegally” because you could not get a $10 permit, it will cost you thousands of dollars on legal fees to clear your name.

  13. Cory Scott says:

    I find this law to be rediculous!
    As a female late at night I’m unable to protect myself since my pepper spray was taken away and I’m now expected to be at the grace of the police when taking a 1am subway to protect me! I’m just asking to be raped!! Thanks NYC rediculous

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