New York criminal law firm Tilem & Campbell has just added a new Leaving the Scene of an Accident page to its already extensive website.

Leaving the Scene on an Incident (as its called in New York Vehicle & Traffic Law §600) cases in New York can be among the most serious cases faces drivers since Leaving the Scene of an Accident involving Serious Physical Injury or Death can result in felony charges. This is true even if the accident or incident was not the operator’s fault. If the incident involves a death the operator faces a 7 year prison sentence upon conviction for a class “D” felony and if the incident involves serious physical injury but not death the driver faces up to four years in prison upon conviction for a class “E” felony.

Even Leaving the Scene involving a minor injury can result in a misdemeanor criminal charge and a jail sentence of up to a year and leaving the scene involving property damage can result in a conviction for a traffic infraction and three points on your license.

In a future blog will discuss what information must be exchanged in order to avoid a charge of Leaving the Scene of an Incident.

If you or a loved one has been charged with or is suspected of Leaving the Scene of an Incident (or Accident) contact one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers to discuss your rights and options.

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