New York VTL §600 requires that anyone operating a vehicle who is involved in an incident involving that vehicle that knows or has reason to know that damage was caused to property or injury was caused to a person to stop and exhibit their information at the scene of the incident. The question is exactly what do you exhibit? What must you show and What information must be exchanged in order to avoid being charged with Leaving the Scene of an Incident in New York.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §600 clearly defines which information must be exchanged, as follows:
1. Name,
2. Address, including number and street,
3. Insurance carrier
4. Insurance identification information including the number and effective dates, and
5. License number
In addition, the statute requires you to physically exhibit your insurance identification card and driver’s license.

In the event of injury to a person you are not only required to exchange the information with the injured person but also to report the incident to the police “as soon as physically able.”

By following these procedures, a motorist should be able to avoid a serious charge for Leaving the Scene of an Accident or Incident. If you have any questions about these procedures, contact the law firm of Tilem & Campbell for more information.

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