New York Traffic Ticket Fines

New York State traffic ticket fines can be expensive. Some small towns actually use traffic summons fines as a revenue source to help lower the taxes of the local residents. New York State Speeding fines can be among the most expensive traffic violations with fines for one mile per hour over the speed limit costing as much as $150 for a first offense. In addition, each traffic violation in New York State carries a mandatory New York State surcharge of either $50 or $55 depending on the Court. Even for a first conviction speeding 31 or more miles over the limit carries a fine of up to $600 for the first offense and for a third offense in eighteen months (which carries a mandatory revocation of the motorist’s driver’s license) the fine and surcharge can exceed $1000.

Aside from speeding fines, other traffic violations such as passing a red light and reckless driving can be very expensive and it is not uncommon for a single traffic ticket to cost more than $200 for the fine and surcharge.

In addition to the exorbitant fines levied in New York Courts for traffic summonses, New York has a point system that insurance companies and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) use to assess additional fees and surcharges. See point chart at

The bottom line is that New York Traffic Violations can get very expensive. If you have received a traffic ticket, don’t simply pay it without knowing your rights and the potential consequences. Get the facts at or contact 1-877 DR SUMMONS.

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One response to “New York Traffic Ticket Fines”

  1. john says:

    It’s about money. Cities and states acrue allot of revenue via tickets and the way to handle this is not to get mad, but to get even. Everyticket you receive is redeamable for one NOT Guilty verdict the next time you serve on a jury. You will never see the other eleven people again and it costs the state a fortune, definitely more than your ticket, to re-try the case. The lost revenue cuts into the raises the police receive and upgrades to equipment required to do the job. When you are on a jury you have more power than anyone else in the courtroom INCLUDING the judge.
    Use that power. Spread the idea around:)

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