New York’s Driver Responsibility Assessment

As if New York Traffic Fines (please see our were not high enough, New York has a Driver Responsibility Program that can cost those who pay traffic fines in New York a whole lot more. Under the Program in New York, a Driver Responsibility Assessment is billed by New York DMV if you obtain 6 points on your license in 18 months. The Assessment starts at $100 per year for a period of 3 years (for a total of $300) and adds $25 per point per year over 6 points (for example 8 points costs $150 per year for three years).

The Driver Responsibility Assessment in New York applies to both New York Drivers and out-of-state drivers. The penalty for failing to pay is suspension of your driving privileges in New York.

Its important to remember that the Assessment is on top of the fine, surcharge and any raise in insurance rates.

Many drivers in New York who get tickets and plead guilty by mail get completely taken by surprise when they get this additional bill in the mail from New York Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s easy to get to six points in New York. 76 or above in a 55 mile per hour zone is six points for one ticket. Failing to signal a lane change and 41 in a 30 mile per hour zone is another easy way to get to six points.

Bottom line, if you receive any traffic summons in New York State consult an experience New York Traffic Attorney and get the facts before you plead guilty.

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7 responses to “New York’s Driver Responsibility Assessment”

  1. Rechtsanwalt says:

    Nice post. Really liked it..
    Don’t forget to update it regularly.
    I am looking for new updates dieing to read more stuff from you ..

  2. Stephen D says:

    I got a single speeding ticket in 65 m/h zone to which I pleaded guilty by mail and payed the fine. Recently, I received a Driver Resp Asses Statement asking me to chip in $450 or $150 per year. Apparently this single violation brought points, somehow.

  3. Peter Tilem says:

    Your situation highlights one of the problems with the Driver Responsibility Assessment. One conviction for speeding can result in the Driver Responsibility Assessment. A speed of just 21 miles over the limit is 6 points, 31 over is 8 points and 41 over is 11 points and can result in the loss of your license even if its your only conviction. The bottom line is do not simply pay traffic tickets without consulting an attorney.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Now that I did plead guilty and I did pay the ticket can I appeal my own plea of guilt or get the points reduced to below 6 to avoid this Driver Responsibility Assessment that showed up 6 months after the speeding offense??

  5. Peter Tilem says:

    The answer is that it’s a lot harder but possible. We would first need to file a motion to vacate the plea and then if the Judge vacates the plea, we could fight the ticket. It also depends what Court the ticket is in. We have had some success with these motions.
    Bottom line is save yourself some aggravation and consult with an attorney before you plead to any tickets in the future.

  6. jimmy b says:

    I surrender my NYS license when I moved to CT. I no longer posse a nys license but I got three speeding ticket and DMV put those moving violation on the surrender license I paid them all and my priviliage to drive in nys was revoke but i paid the $75 fee to have the restriction on my CT license to go to work in the city and to take my newphew to his after school program. Now I recieve a Driver Responsibility Asst. why am i getting one of this to pay If i don’t posses a valid nys license?

  7. Peter Tilem says:

    The fact is by driving in New York you are subjecting yourself to this penalty. Of you do not pay the driver responsibility assessment they will suspend your privilege to operate a vehicle in New York. If that happens and you get stopped you can be charged with a crime called Aggravated Unlicensed Operation.

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