Many articles have been written about the numerous costs of paying traffic tickets. While New York traffic fines are high and surcharges that are imposed by the Courts have recently been increased, there are many hidden costs that New York Driver’s need to be aware when deciding whether or not to fight their New York Traffic Ticket.

One such surprise is the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment covered in a past blog. In a nutshell, the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment imposes a fee, billed by the New York State DMV of $300 when you get 6 points on your license and $75 per point over 6. The fee is payable over three years.

Another hidden cost comes from your insurance company. According to an article published on the National Motorist Association website, one traffic violation can raise your insurance 20% per year for a period of three years. According to the article even if your insurance costs a modest $800 that works out to $480 over three years. The article further explains that a second offense in 3 years can result in a 40% increase which can cost you $1200 more just in insurance.

The article on the National Motorist Association website advises that you “. . . should fight every ticket – every time.” [emphasis supplied]. The article also advises that “[e]ven paying for a lawyer is often well worth the expense. . .” and advises that for “most ordinary traffic cases – speeding, running a red light, etc. – a lawyer will want around $700 or so.”

In these economic times, the advice of the National Motorist Association is worth heeding. Keep more money in your pocket. Know the hidden cost of paying a traffic ticket. Hire an experienced traffic court lawyer who knows how to fight tickets. For more information contact one of the attorneys at for a free consultation.

Most people don’t realize that they need a traffic court attorney or the tremendous impact that an attorney can have.  Most people don’t understand the point system that New York Department of Motor Vehicles uses to assess surcharges and suspend or revoke a driver’s license.  While perhaps not every ticket requires a lawyer, knowledge is truly power.  Dont simply pay a traffic ticket without consulting a lawyer who can tell you the true cost of fighting a ticket.

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