Westchester DWI defense firm, Tilem & Campbell won another DWI trial last week when Mount Pleasant Judge Nicholas Masselli issued a decision finding that the client who was pulled over on the side of the highway was not “operating” the vehicle and therefore could not be convicted of Driving While Intoxicated. Judge Masselli also dismissed another charge of Parking on the Pavement and issued an order sealing the record.

The case arose after the client was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running vehicle that was sitting on the side of the road by a New York State Trooper. The Trooper testified that he smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on the driver’s breath and that the driver failed a horizontal gaze nystagmus test that was performed on the side of the road. The Trooper testified that the driver failed other field sobriety tests and refused a breath test that he was offered at the police station.

Managing partner Peter Tilem tried the case on behalf of the firm and this victory makes three DWI wins in a row for Mr. Campbell. The defense focused on the troopers errors in administering and scoring the field sobriety tests and the lack of the intent to operate the vehicle.

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