A January 1, 2009 article on confirms what many New Yorkers have already found out the hard way; that enforcement of traffic laws is on the increase in large part to raise money for state and local government.

The article confirmed some disturbing trends already observed by the New York traffic court attorneys here at Tilem & Campbell. That much of traffic enforcement is motivated by the desire of government to raise revenue but is also urged by insurance companies eager to raise revenues by increasing premiums on drivers who are convicted of routine traffic offenses.

New York is mentioned in the article because of the recent announcement that New York City will hire 200 additional traffic enforcement agents but the article suggest the national nature of this trend by citing examples from Massachusetts, Colorado, Detroit and Arizona, to name a few places.

At Tilem & Campbell, not only have we noticed an increase in traffic enforcement activity but we have observed an increase in the number of tickets issued during each car stop. Many clients who contact Tilem & Campbell through our 877-DR-SUMMONS telephone number have been issued tickets totaling more than 10 points in a single traffic stop. After 11 points, a driver loses his or New York driving privileges.

In a related Video on MSN, the experts suggest that you do not simply pay your tickets because of the high collateral costs. The experts suggest fighting your tickets in Court.

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