The City of White Plains Police Department is relentless when it comes to issuing speeding tickets. This is especially so in school zones. At Tilem & Campbell we are routinely retained by motorists who received a school zone speeding ticket in White Plains. Many of these White Plains speeding tickets are issued in the Stepinac High School zone along Mamaroneck Avenue where the speed limit drops from 40 mph to 25 mph. Although there is no parking across the street from the high school, there are no drop off points across the street from the high school, the high-school is set back several hundred feet from the main road and all student parking and pick-up locations are several hundred feet from the main road, the speed limit drops dramatically at that location and others along Mamaroneck Ave. and elsewhere.

School zone speeding tickets are covered in NY VTL § 1180(c) which states in general terms that whenever a maximum school zone speed limit has been established, no motorist shall exceed said speed limit during school days indicated on a school zone speed limit sign provided that such reduced speed can only be in effect from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. or any time interval in between (See VTL § 1180(c)(1)).

Instead of a school zone speed limit sign, a reduced school zone speed limit may be indicated by flashing lights indicating that a reduced school zone speed limit is in effect during school activities. Such flashing lights may only flash and therefore, may only reduce the school zone speed limit for a period starting 30 minutes before and up to 30 minutes after school activities (See VTL § 1180(c)(2)).

These School Zone tickets are often prosecuted more aggressively than other types of speeding cases in the White Plains City Court and in other Courts such as Mamaroneck and Harrison.

If you have been issued a White Plains Speeding Ticket for exceeding a school zone speed limit or any other traffic violation including work zone speeding, red light, no left turn, etc, call Tilem & Campbell toll free at 1-877-DR-SUMMONS (1-877-377-8666) for a free consultation or visit www.DrSummons.com.

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