Bronxville Speeding Ticket Attorney for Just $195.00

If you received a speeding ticket in the Village of Bronxville, the lawyers at Tilem & Campbell are offering a Summer Special fee of just $195.00 to represent you. Our attorneys are experienced in all traffic related matters (speeding, red light, stop-sign, school bus, etc) and have handled thousands of traffic infraction cases throughout the State of New York. Most times you will not have to appear in court with us.

While our past performance does not guarantee a favorable outcome in your case nor can we guarantee a result, we have successfully obtained reductions or dismissals in approximately 98% of the Westchester County traffic infraction cases we have been retained on. Some of the factors that affect the outcome of your case are (1) the seriousness of the charge (don’t expect a great deal if you were doing 95 mph on the Bronx River Parkway); (2) the officer who issued the ticket; (3) the judge; (4) your driving record; and (5) your attitude with the cop when pulled over. Having a “you don’t know who I know” attitude with the Officer certainly can make plea negotiations more difficult.
Our $195.00 Summer Special ends August 31, 2011 and applies to all New York traffic infractions except leaving the scene of an incident and Driving While Ability Impaired [VTL 1192(1)]. You MUST read the Terms for all details and you MUST mention this “Summer Special” Promotion in your FIRST contact with us to receive this special $195.00 price. For more information you can contact us toll free at 1-877-377-8666 or visit us on the web at

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