New York Gun Rights Attorneys Announce New Pre-Paid Legal Service for New York Gun Owners

Tilem & Associates, New York’s premier law firm for gun owners is pleased to announce the creation of a new pre-paid legal program, NY Tac Defense,  for New York gun owners which includes legal representation for self-defense Pre-Paid Legal services for gun ownerscases and red flag (ERPO) cases for enrolled clients.  Clients enrolled in the NY TAC DEFENSE can pay either a low monthly rate of $38.50 per month or can enroll in a discounted annual plan which is $385 for the year and is the equivalent of getting two months free.

Peter H. Tilem, the owner of Tilem & Associates, PC, spent 10 years in the New York County District Attorney’s Office where he was assigned to work on a variety of cases which included gun cases and homicides.  Since entering private practice Mr. Tilem has represented a large number of gun owners and has been involved in many justification or self-defense cases.

As of May 2018, several insurance programs, including NRA Carry Guard and a USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) program were being offered in New York but were subsequently alleged to be violating New York insurance regulations.  Both programs and others have since pulled out of the New York market.  The NY TAC Defense Program is a pre-paid legal product that allows clients to retain the firms services and pre-pay the legal services so that if they need to hire a lawyer for a self-defense shooting the client will not need to come up with a large lump sum retainer of $50,000 or more to retain a law firm.  It is not insurance and therefore does not indemnify against any losses.  It is simply an opportunity to retain a lawyer in advance.

The NY TAC DEFENSE program offers a number of benefits including:

  • A 24 hour per day/7 day per week emergency response from an experienced attorney
  • Up to $250,000 of included criminal defense services for an included act of self-defense
  • Extreme Risk Protection Order/Red Flag Representation included
  • Representation in any civil action brought as a result of an included self-defense incident
  • Access to experienced second amendment attorneys to get quick questions answered
  • a 25% percent discount on other legal services that we offer

In the even that a person uses a weapon in an act of lawful self-defense the immediate aftermath can be scary, confusing and tumultuous.  Even the average police officer, who is trained for such a scenario is entitled to take some time before making a statement.  For the average citizen, the experience can be overwhelming.  The NY TAC Defense program allows a person to pre-retain an attorney for a low monthly or annual retainer and have an attorney at the ready in case the worst happens.  The program also covers red flag situations which can also result in a surprise visit from the police in the middle of the night with a Court order.

For gun owners (or owners of other weapons such as pepper spray, knives, stun guns, etc.) who wish to find out about enrolling the NY TAC defense Program.  Please visit to obtain more information.  You should also visit our website, to find out more about the firm or call us to talk about the benefits of the program.


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