A recent change in New York Vehicle & Traffic Law sec. 1806 will make it much harder to fight traffic tickets in New York State. Prior to New York April 7, 2009, New York law made it clear that in most cases a person should only have to appear one time to fight a routine traffic infraction such as speeding, unsafe lane change or failure to signal. The Vehicle & Traffic Law made it clear that upon receipt of a “not guilty” plea from a motorist the Court was required to schedule the matter for a trial. On the trial date the motorist could plea bargain or proceed to trial. Judges who violated this rule faced sanctions from the Commission on Judicial Conduct. The Commission found that judges that set cases down for a “pre-trial” conference rather than trial were putting an unnecessary burden on motorists who would then feel coerced to plead guilty rather than appear in Court multiple times for a rather routine matter.

Well, the New York State Legislature and Governor decided that coercion was the best way to resolve New York traffic tickets and have now amended the Vehicle & Traffic Law to require Courts to send motorists an “appearance” date rather than a “trial” date. This law seems to require motorists to appear a minimum of two times to fight their traffic tickets.

Since New York State Troopers are not permitted to plea bargain their tickets and many localities do not have prosecutors to handle those tickets, we have to wonder both what the purpose is of holding such a Court appearance? and what would happen at that appearance?
In any case as noted by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, this practice is likely to coerce many guilty please.

Motorists who receive tickets need to understand that experienced traffic lawyers can make these appearances without the motorist being present and can usually resolve these tickets with reduced or no points. Since experienced traffic lawyers generally handle several cases in a Court at one appearance they can offer very reasonable rates to fight tickets. Traffic lawyers can save the motorist from making multiple appearances, save the motorist money, save the motorist points, save the motorist the driver responsibility assessment and save the motorist from insurance increases.

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