Tilem & Campbell Beats Assault Case Based Upon the Lack of Probable Cause for an Arrest

New York criminal defense law firm, Tilem & Campbell scored a major victory on a Rockland County Assault case when an Orangetown Judge dismissed the case after a suppression and probable cause hearing. The defendant had been charged with Assault in the Third Degree based upon an altercation that occurred in December 2009. The defendant had faced up to one year and jail on the “A” misdemeanor and had already been suspended from his job as a result of the incident and the charges.

http://www.tilemlawfirm.com/lawyer-attorney-1282538.html had filed a pre-trial motion back in May asking the Court to suppress statements and/or hold a suppression and probable cause hearing. The Hearing was held on July 28, 2010 and one investigator from the New York State Police testified. On cross-examination by Mr. Tilem the investigator admitted that the defendant had been attacked by the victim using eyeglasses as a weapon, that the victim was the initial aggressor and that he had probable cause to arrest the victim but chose not to arrest him.

In a decision dated August 3, 2010, the Judge ruled that the District Attorney’s Office failed to establish probable cause for the arrest and dismissed the Assault in the Third Degree charge.

Any experienced criminal defense lawyer should always explore suppression and probable cause issues in the criminal cases they handle. Pre-Trial hearings can be a valuable tool in winning criminal cases.

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