New York Law Firm Tilem & Campbell in the News – Regional News Network

RNN, the Regional News Network just came by the office to get comments from Criminal Defense Lawyer Peter Tilem the managing partner here at the firm about the prostitution and Mann Act issues in which New York Governor Elliot Spitzer finds himself embroiled. The firm has handled numerous prostitution related cases and while John and I are often the “go to” lawyers here in Westchester County for the media to get their legal comments, it is nice to be able to comment on an issue with which we are so familiar.

Tilem & Campbell, PC owns the web domain name and has had the opportunity to represent clients in a wide variety of prostitution related cases that go far beyond simple prostitution. As such, John was a natural choice to comment on the Governor Spitzer situation.

John explained to RNN that while the Governor’s conduct may have technically violated the Mann Act, it is unlikely that he will be prosecute because customers also referred to as “Johns” (no pun is intended) are usually not prosecuted under the Mann Act. John explained that often, federal investigations often focus more on the organizers and managers and the prostitutes or customers.

John also speculated that a deal would be worked out in which the Governor would be allowed to resign in exchange for an agreement that he would not be prosecuted. Elliot Spitzer has hired a large Manhattan based law firm to represent him which seems to indicate that he at least believes that he will have upcoming legal issues.

When the video from RNN becomes available we will post the link on this Blog.

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