Tilem & Campbell managing partner Peter Tilem scored his fourth straight DWI trial victory this week when the Cortlandt Justice Court in Westchester County New York, acquitted his client of all charges which included DWI (VTL 1192(3), Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (VTL 511) and Speeding (VTL 1180). The defendant was facing a year in jail.

While the arresting officer testified to signs of the defendant’s intoxication, Mr. Campbell focused the defense on signs of the defendant’s sobriety and the defendant’s flawless operation of his vehicle. For example, on cross-examination, the arresting officer admitted that he followed the defendant for several miles and that there was nothing about how the defendant drove the vehicle that indicated he was intoxicated; that the defendant maintained his lane at all times; that he did not hit anything or drive erratically; that he safely pulled his vehicle to the shoulder and came to a safe stop. The officer also admitted that the defendant complied with all orders, produced his license, registration and insurance card without any problems and that he exited his vehicle with no problems. The only traffic violation the officer claimed to have observed was speeding.

The Court found that there was reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant was actually intoxicated. Further, the Court found that the defendant had no knowledge that his license was suspended. Finally, the Court found the defendant not guilty of the speeding charge because the arresting officer could not recall if there was a posted speed limit sign at the time he stopped the defendant.

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