New York criminal defense firm Tilem & Campbell, scored another big victory in a Queens gun possession case when the Queens District Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the class “C” violent felony gun charge to Disorderly Conduct a non-criminal violation. The client who was arrested with the handgun inside LaGuardia Airport as he was about to board a flight was originally facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 and 1/2 years in a New York State Prison. The client will pay a $250 fine and have his record sealed.

The client was originally arrested after he attempted to check the pistol in his checked baggage at the airport and was apparently not aware of New York’s very strict gun laws. In New York, possession of a loaded firearm outside a person’s home or place of business carries a mandatory minimum of three and a half years in prison even for a first arrest. In addition, the pistol does not actually have to be loaded to be legally “loaded” simply possessing the ammunition and the gun capable of firing that ammunition at the same time is enough to constitute a “loaded firearm” under New York law.

This is the second such victory this year for Tilem & Campbell. Earlier this year, in March, Tilem & Campbell scored a disorderly conduct violation on another gun case from LaGuardia airport. Senior Partner Peter H. Tilem a former prosecutor, worked in the Firearms Trafficking Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and has a tremendous amount of experience in handling New York gun cases and other types of New York weapons cases.

Travelers from other states to New York should be careful and take note of New York gun laws before bringing guns or other weapons into New York. Gun charges in New York are very serious and should be carefully examined before coming to New York. Anyone who is charged with a New York gun crime should contact an experienced handgun attorney.

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