Last Friday, Tilem & Campbell managing partner, Peter Tilem scored a major victory on a DWI case in the Town of Ramapo when a jury acquitted the client of all charges in connection with a DWI that police alleged was committed during the Jewish holiday of Purim. The client was charged with DWI and DWAI but was found not guilty on all charges. Although police alleged that the keys were in the ignition of the car and that the engine was running, the client was sleeping in the car and the jury found that the client did not “operate” the vehicle as required for a DWI conviction.

On Monday, the next business day, Tilem & Campbell was back in Ramapo Town Court this time representing a client charged with committing a second DWI just one month after pleading guilty to the reduced charge of Driving While Ability Impaired in connection with the client’s first DWI. The client was again offered a plea to the reduced charge of Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) and entered a plea to the DWAI with a minimum fine. Other traffic infractions pending against the client were dismissed. This second case was handled by Tilem & Campbell senior partner Peter Tilem.

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