In New York, often an individual will be issued an appearance ticket by the police. Many times appearance tickets are issued for offenses such as marihuana possession, aggravated unlicensed operator and driving while intoxicated. Experienced criminal attorneys know that getting a client an appearance ticket, also called a “Desk Appearance Ticket, can mean the difference between spending 24 hours or more in custody or spending less than an hour. An appearance ticket can be issued by the police, in lieu of arrest. Also, after an individual has been arrested, the police can issue that individual an appearance ticket and release him from police custody without waiting to be formally arraigned before a judge. There are limitations on when the police may issue an appearance ticket which will be discussed in a future blog. [CPL 150.20].

An appearance ticket is basically a written notice signed by a police officer or other authorized public official directing a designated individual to appear in a designated local criminal court at a designated future time in connection with that individual’s alleged commission of a designated offense. Any notice that conforms to this definition of an appearance ticket constitutes an appearance ticket notwithstanding that the notice is referred to as a summons or other name or title. [CPL 150.10(1)]. A traffic ticket, simplified traffic information or similar notices are therefore also “appearance tickets.”
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