The City of Yonkers, New York is the largest, and perhaps most diverse city in all of Westchester County. Located at 100 South Broadway, the Yonkers City Court is a bustling Court that reflects the dynamic of the City of Yonkers. As an attorney based in White Plains, the Yonkers City Court is one of the Courts that has become a home away from home. The Court handles everything from the most serious unindicted criminal felonies (indicted felonies are transferred to the Westchester County Courthouse) to less serious misdemeanor criminal cases and a very busy traffic calendar to landlord-tenant cases and civil cases involving disputes of $15,000.

With a population of about 200,000 people, Yonkers is the fourth largest city in all of New York State. Located just north of the Bronx it is the literal gateway to New York City with major highways such as the New York State Thruway (I-87), the Sprain brook Expressway, the Cross County Parkway, The saw Mill River Parkway and Bronx River Parkway, all running through Yonkers. Needless to say Yonkers speeding tickets are the bread and butter of any traffic ticket lawyer in Westchester County and all types of traffic infractions and traffic misdemeanors pour through the Yonkers Courthouse.
With the Cross County Mall, Yonkers Raceway which now has a casino called Empire City, shopping areas throughout downtown and Central Avenue, numerous residential neighborhoods and industrial centers other crimes abound including shoplifting, drugs, grand larceny, guns, robbery, assault and domestic violence. Despite the volume, however, the Court runs well, moves fast and in many ways is a model of efficiency.

The Yonkers Court is located at 100 South Broadway. Parking can be tight so leave some extra time. The Court can be reached at: Phone: (914) 377-6326 and Fax: (914) 377-6395.

If you or a loved one has any business in the Yonkers City Court or in any other Court in Westchester County, please contact the law office of Tilem & Campbell, PC.

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