In our May 24, 2009 blog entitled “New York City Bans Items that are Common and Lawful Most Other Places in New York State and in the Country” we detailed a long laundry list of items that are illegal in New York City, all of which are defined in the New York City Administrative Code sec 10-131. Items on our original list included mace, ammunition, imitation guns, assault weapons, rifles and ammunition feeding devices (gun clips or magazines). I left handcuffs off that list because I had never seen anyone arrested or summoned for possession of handcuffs. However, this office was recently contacted by a person who received a summons for possessing handcuffs in violation of New York City Administrative Code Sec 10-147.

Sec 10-147 makes it unlawful to possess handcuffs, thumb cuffs, leg irons and even flexible disposable handcuffs. Violation of 10-147 carries a maximum penalty of 10 days in jail and/or a $200 fine. There are numerous exceptions to this law such as possession by police officers, peace officers, military officers, police officers from other states carrying out their official duties in this State, licensed security guards and private investigators acting in the course of their job or while traveling to or from their job and many others. Kinky sex, which was the excuse that this person who was ticketed recently gave, is not one of the authorized exceptions.

In addition, there has been a lot written in this blog and a lot of press about the expansive definition being used, particularly in New York City of gravity knives and we have written about the aggressive enforcement of knife laws in New York City.

The bottom line is be careful what you carry. Know the law. If you have any questions about carrying something in New York contact the local police, research the law or contact one of the experienced weapons attorneys at Tilem & Campbell.

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