New York speeding tickets are a dime a dozen but the speed trap on the Henry Hudson parkway north between the George Washington Bridge and about 1/2 mile before the Henry Hudson Bridge is just inexplicable. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour in the vicinity of Fort Tryon Park while it is 50 mph on the identical stretch of highway heading south bound and 50 mph before and after this stretch between the George Washington Bridge and the Henry Hudson Bridge.

Without any explanation several months ago the speed limit signs were changed to 50 mph on this stretch of highway and then just as mysteriously went back to 35 mph within the last several days. Of course, the New York City Police are aggressively enforcing the new speed limit.

To add to the absurdity, the speed limit goes up to 50 mph about 1/2 mile before the speed limit suddenly drops to only 10 mph just before the Henry Hudson Toll Plaza.

If anyone has any explanation for this seemingly ridiculous speed trap please post a comment to this blog. I for one would love to know and so would the many motorists who received New York City traffic tickets in this area. In the meantime, if you drive on this stretch of New York City road be careful and pay close attention to the signs. A motorist who drives just 56 mph (believing that the speed limit is 50 mph) faces 6 points on their license if caught in this area. The 6 points brings all types of headaches such as the driver responsibility assessment and insurance headaches.

If you are ticketed in this area contact Tilem & Campbell or visit drsummons.com to learn about your options.

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