White Plains based law firm Tilem & Campbell has launched its own investigation into some of the practices of the Cayuga Heights Village Court and Judge Glenn G. Galbreath. Tilem & Campbell, the Westchester County based firm that represents drivers throughout New York State and is the owner of domain name TRAFFICTICKETEXPRESS.COM, launched the investigation after a letter from the Cayuga Heights Court seemed to indicate that Judge Galbreath may be implementing an illegal plea policy with regard to speeding tickets. During a preliminary investigation, the firm received complaints from several lawyers about the Court and Judge Galbreath prompting the wider probe.
Peter H. Tilem, Senior Partner at the firm, has requested transcripts of numerous Court proceedings and has requested access to all traffic ticket cases adjudicated in the Court over the last year. As a former New York County Prosecutor, Mr. Tilem has extensive experience in conducting investigations. A similar investigation launched by the firm last year into practices at the North Hills Village Court led to the firm filing an action against Judge Sigmund Semon in the Supreme Court of Nassau County.

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  1. Anony Mouse says:

    Kudos to you guys for going after these judges!
    It is about time that somebody stood up to the bully judges in Town and Village Court, who rule their courts like kingdoms where they make up the rules.

  2. Matis says:

    As a fellow traffic/criminal attorney, I see abuses in traffic court all the time.
    I would be happy to help in any way to bring a little “justice” to the Justice courts.

  3. wondering says:

    nice that you filed a suit against a judge? What happened to it? I guess if you had won you would hav mentioned it so you must have lost.

  4. Peter Tilem says:

    Actually they dismissed the charge against our client completely (that was after he plead guilty and was over fined). After the suit was filed all charges were dismissed and we discontinued the suit against the judge.
    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Peter H. Tilem
    Tilem & Campbell, PC
    188 East Post Road
    White Plains, New York 10601
    (914) 833-9785

  5. Frank T says:

    I came across this blog while searching for an e-mail address for John Campbell, Esq. John has successfully represented me in a few cases not related to the case above. He was not afraid to take on the mistakes that a Judge made and took it to the me through the highest level of appeal. Most recently he went to bat for me and fought to protect me in a complicated criminal arrest that could have had a significant negative impact on me and my family. He and his team worked real hard and the end result was a more than favorable outcome. I cannot recommend them enough!

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