Tilem & Campbell Scores Major Victory in Another New York Gun Case

This time in a Federal Gun Case involving the Interstate Transportation of Firearms, the New York criminal defense law firm of Tilem & Campbell scored another huge victory when Federal District Judge Stephen Robinson refused to sentence Tilem & Campbell’s client to prison. Instead, the defendant was sentenced to two years of Probation with a portion of that time being on home detention. The sentencing victory capped a long fought case in which both the Probation Office and the United States Attorney’s Office were asking for a term of imprisonment.

The case was handled by Tilem & Campbell’s senior partner, New York Attorney Peter Tilem, who himself was a prosecutor in the Firearms Trafficking Unit of the New York County District Attorney’s Office. Tilem & Campbell, a White Plains based law firm, handles a wide variety of gun cases in both New York State and Federal Court and maintains the website handgunattorney.com.

The case was handled in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and was before Judge Stephen Robinson sitting in the Federal Courthouse in White Plains.

Tilem & Campbell handles a wide variety of federal and state firearms and other weapon crimes as well as many other types of criminal cases. For more information contact the law firm of Tilem & Campbell.

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2 responses to “Tilem & Campbell Scores Major Victory in Another New York Gun Case”

  1. John says:

    So far we have not had the issues in Texas related to gun control that other states are likely having. It probably has to do with the history of the state. That could be changing in the future.

  2. Peter Tilem says:

    Well I hope your wrong about New York style gun control coming down to Texas. Right now this seems to be a phenomenon that is limited to the North East with a few exceptions. Probably in large part because gun control has been such a failure. According to NRA.ORG there are currently 40 “Right to Carry States” and that number seems to have grown over the last 20 years. In New York, currently even simple possession of a handgun outside the home or place of business is now a class “C” felony with a mandatory minimum of 3and 1/2 years. Thanks for your comment and good luck keeping Texas free.

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