Up to 8 Cases of Swine Flu Spark Fear on Riker’s Island

With four confirmed cases of swine flu on Riker’s Island and 4 probable cases, fear has gripped both inmates and corrections officers alike who are confined on Riker’s Island. The scare has already disrupted visits and Court appearances in New York City criminal courts and will likely get worse before it gets better. The situation is so bad that the union representing the corrections officers has filed a letter of complaint with the Department of Labor. For families of inmates in the massive New York City Jail system the outbreak means that visits will likely be canceled in many jails. In addition movement within the jails may be curtailed. If you or a loved one are currently confined on Rikers Island or any New York City Jail contact one of the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Tilem & Campbell.

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2 responses to “Up to 8 Cases of Swine Flu Spark Fear on Riker’s Island”

  1. Charlene Kasey says:

    Inmate #349-09-08502. Contracted H1N1 (Swine Flu) at AMKC…Riker’s Island. 18-18 Hazen Street.
    Please look him up, he has a case being that he was exposed.

  2. Ana luisa Perkins says:

    My 17yr old son is currently confined at Rikers Island.He was diagnosed with swine flu May 31,2009.
    They have him isloated in a room by himself.He has access to a phone and usually calls me about 3-4 times a day.I havn’t heard from my son in 2days and I’m scared because I dont know whats going on.I called Rikers Island and all i got was the runn around…Plz help me

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